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Tailored to your needs

Retail fonts are adequate and decent, but if you have specific requirements or needs, nothing beats a custom typographic solution.

As a font user, your requirements for a typeface may be highly individual. Existing fonts, which have been developed with a certain mass suitability in mind, may only partially meet your needs. These needs can be diverse, ranging from aesthetic to functional to licensing.

Of course, you could continue to search for suitable typefaces elsewhere. But if you agree with any of the following, a custom font solution might be right for you:

I would love to use this font for my business, but the lowercase g makes me nervous.

If this font supported Cyrillic and Greek in addition to Latin, I’d love to use it.

I lose track with all the license types. I want a simple corporate license that covers everything.

Sound familiar? Then read on.

1 Modifying an existing typeface

Changing something that already exists can be an affordable way to adapt a font to your needs. In some cases, small changes are sufficient; in other cases, very complex changes are needed. These could be:

  • Modifying individual characters
  • Adding your company name to the font name, e.g. “MyBrand Rooney”
  • Creating new characters (your company logo or certain types of figures, symbols or icons)
  • Extending support for other languages (Cyrillic, Greek, etc.)
  • Adding new weights (Hairline, Ultrablack etc.) or widths (Condensed, Extended etc.)
  • Optimising screen performance on different devices
Small but effective change: The custom version of CamingoDos for the United Nations Organizations uses alternate forms of lowercase a and g.
The addition of Cyrillic was also part of the customization process.

2 Creating a brand-new typeface

Sometimes your requirements are so specific that it is worth developing a new typeface from scratch. In general, anything is possible, as your preferences are included in the development process from the very beginning. This allows the styling, character range and functionality of a font to be produced exactly according to your wishes. The result is an exclusive, highly customized tool – a typeface that reflects your brand, your company and your personality.

3 Corporate license: One license to rule them all

Licensing one typeface for different business sections, media and applications can quickly become confusing. With one corporate license, you can cover all areas of your company and all use cases.

Sounds good!

If that caught your interest, drop me a line. Together we can talk about your project and find out how I can help you with a custom type solution.

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